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Texas ASLA Award Winners Archive Database Progress, 1986 - 2006


Projects by Location from 1986 -2006 (Out of 361 projects)

 Total number of award winning projects out of the USA: 31  
 Total number of award winning projects within the USA: 330  
 Total number of award winning projects within Texas: 265  
 Variety of Texas Cities that have award recipient project(s): 62  different Texas city
 Variety of US States that have award recipient project(s): 24  different US states (see the map above)
 Variety of Countries that have award recipient project(s): 12  different Countries
 Variety of Texas Firms that have received awards 96  different Firms

Total Number of Award Winning Projects (by year):

Total Number of Awards Distributed by Texas Chapter from 1986 - 2006 (Out of 361):

Competition Category Award Category
 Design & Constructed 121  Award of Excellence 30
 Planning & Analysis 100  Classic 3
 Design 67  Editors Preference 1
 Unrealized 30  Honor 89
 Communication 26  Merit 177
 Research 6  No Award Received 3
 Category Unknown 8  Unknown 58
 Classic 3    


Archive Details (Out of 361):

Total Number of: Archive (Hard Copy) Online (On the Web)
 Projects 361 254
 Images 3330 (slides) 2154
 Plans 412 n/a
 Pictures Honor n/a
 Descriptions 698 489
 Documents 82 n/a


*     The total number of projects in the archive is based on the documents collected by Thomas Woodfin since 1986, 

       & Taner R. Ozdil since 1997. This number may not reflect the total number of award recipients from Texas ASLA.


Prepared By: Taner R. Ozdil      02.18.2006

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