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The archive now contains 314 award-winning projects judged as the best between 1986 and 2003. What  began in a large file cabinet had by the mid-1990’s  outgrown its physical space and was increasingly difficult to manage. The dream was to make the best of Texas landscape architectural design and planning available to students, professionals and the public via the World Wide Web.  Advances in hardware and software and clever utilization of available student labor made this possible beginning in 1997. At present 152 projects are viewable via the website:  Scanning started with the most current years and earlier years are added as opportunity and time allow. 

All identifiable projects given awards since 1986 have been catalogued in a Microsoft ACCESS database that can be queried on-line as to:

·        Project Name & Type

·        Professional Firm by Name & Location

·        Project Location

·        Year & Type of Award

·        Client

Last year the original slides were catalogued in an archival slide storage unit within the College of Architecture’s technical library.  The accompanying documents for each project are organized in binders by year. This permits faculty, students and visitors to study the documentation for each project in a supervised setting similar to any library archive collection.  Most recently a “Bio” or biography function was added to the website to show basic information for each winner regardless of whether the project’s illustrative slides and project description were yet web-viewable.   Links from the archive to individual firm websites is on-going.  Please take a look at Quick Statistics to see the latest numbers about the archive.


For those interested in the technical process involved in getting hardcopy files into digital format, please contact either Tom Woodfin at or Taner R.Ozdil at, or send an e-mail to the archive address: We will be pleased to assist or provide examples from our own experience in inputting slides, text and hardcopy and establishing the archive database and formats.



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