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Saturday, Oct. 6, 2007

More decking was placed around the building and the substructure was put down for use under the ponds on the north side of the building after the truck arrived back from the local supply store with new materials.

The wind screens and solar thermal manifolds were placed on the frame, which was roughed-in on Friday. Insulated copper piping was installed from collector to collector and the insulated supply and return lines were fabricated and put in place.

Also the plumbing from the GroWalls was threaded underneath the house back to the mechanical GroWall on the garage, awaiting final connection to the pumps and controllers.

The 24 - 2 volt batteries, which each weight 210 pounds, were placed in their trays beside the garage. They will be used to store the energy from the PV. The 6,000 pounds of energy storage was purposefully oversized to allow for the house to function for up to one week under complete overcast conditions -- something that happened at the 2005 Solar Decathlono.

Wind screens were also added to the study, and the solar thermal tank insulated.

Prof. Jeff Haberl

The evening grinds on.

Preparing another girder.

Aggie women constructors doing their part.

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