Texas A&M Solar Decathlon
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Our vision for affordable, energy efficient, healthy homes would not be possible without the many Aggies and friends working together toward a common goal. It is only by working together that we can achieve our greatest potential.


Our students are constantly looking for the next opportunity to learn a new skill and are renowned for their willingness to serve "the other education" through extracurricular activities .

Core Members:

Thomas Gerhardt, Student Lead
Jason Bond, Student Lead
Josh Canez
Nick Schaider
Mini Malhotra
Eduardo Ramirez
Piljae Im
Soolyeon Cho

Bo Stewart

Energy Team:
Mushtaq Ahmad
Juan-Calos Balthazar
Min-ho Jang
Songchan Song
Zi Liu
Nick Wallace

Landscape Team:
Cameron Muhic
Josh Schroeder
Keaton Tucker
Jake Walther
Ben Langford

Team Members:
Mike Refsland
Dave Morris
Scott Lyday

John Hale
Darkin Dow
Ricardo Solar
Dario Tiburcio
Jacob Spence

Studios - Spring and Summer '06:
Chris Caffey
Jason Demel
Jonathan Johnson
Nichole Koehler
Natalie Lindholm
Carl Schindewolf
Helen Skelton
Paraskevas Tiburcio

Studios - Fall '06 and Spring '07:

Courtney Brinegar
Camp Bradshaw
Emily Colburn
Ryan Collier
Ross Dansby
Michelle Delaney
JoEllen Eggert
Adam Fenner
Chad Garven
Sheldon Henning
Aldo Hernandez
Mark Olsen
Brian Pankratz
Ben Reiners
Adam Rich
Mike Rutledge
Gus Starkey

Studios - Summer '07:
Laurie Abbott
Tyrone Austin
Shannon Carpenter
Steven Castaneda
Ross Charba
Robert Gardner
Magan Howard
Haley Marek
Richard Mcfarland
Jordan Prieto
Robin Smith
Jesus Zepeda
Patrick Hurst
Kyle Reeder
Jaret Benson

Studio and Construction Team - Fall '07:
Patrick Koenning
Andrew Thompson
Brandon Henderson
Ricky Anderson
Justin Goodman
Ben Ligget
Mo McLaughlin
Chris Urban
Sam Brisendine
Ernest Box
Ariel Fisk
Mark Navarro
Aaron Cloniger
Ashlee Wilson
Laura Crowe
Eva Peterson
Rebecca Peterson
Rebecca Rangel
Chrystal McLemore
Tina Pruett
Amy Enderle
Amanda King
Christina Smith
Kristen Buckalew


Faculty Advisors

Faculty members are internationally-recognized authorities in sustainable design and development, energy simulation and design, visualization and modeling, healthy communities, disaster recovery, and environmental psychology.

Associate Professor Pliny Fisk, III
Professor Jeff S. Haberl, PhD
Associate Professor Charles Culp, PhD
Professor Jorge Vanegas, PhD
Associate Professor Mark J. Clayton, PhD
Senior Lecturer Leslie Feigenbaum

Professor Ben Zoghi, PhD
Associate Professor Robin Abrams, PhD
Associate Professor Ergun Akleman, PhD
Associate Professor Skip Coody
Associate Professor Chris Ellis, PhD
Executive Associate Dean of Construction Science Charles Graham, PhD
Professor Rodney Hill
Professor John Fairey
Assistant Professor Jody Naderi
Assistant Professor Anne Nichols, PhD
Assistant Professor John Nichols, PhD
Professor, Dean and TAMU Campus Planner Tom Regan
Senior Lecturer Mary Saslow
Professor Phil Tabb, PhD
Associate Professor Tom Woodfin

Support Staff
Anne McGowan
Ann Eastwood
Chuck Tedrick
Kelley Milligan
James Sweeney
Danny Bass
Stephen Ross
Phillip Rollfing
Larry Zuber
John Peters
Craig Wellington
Kathy Waskom
Dawn Trog
Lindsay Trussell
Ginger White
Charles Rhea
Melinda Randle
Trish Pannell
Kevin Gustavus
Craig Griffith

Centers & Research Units at Texas A&M

The Aggie network supports the efforts of all Aggies and promotes student educational undertakings.

Center for Health Systems and Design
Center for Housing and Urban Development
Energy Systems Laboratory
Environmental Psychophysiology Laboratory
Daylighting Laboratory
Visualization Laboratory
Texas A&M Foundation


Research Groups
Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems:
Johnny Algood
Andrew Blaisdell
Ben Phillips
Mary Petrovich
Melanie Schropper
Justin Short
Aspen Short
Laura Masters
Blake Smith
Brian Crawford

Larry Degelman
David & Rachel Dewane
KierianTimberlake Associates
Kenneth Kleckley

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