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Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2007

The Aggie Solar Decathlon team made some great strides toward the finish line. The pinhole leaks in the water supply tank are being kept at bay with duct tape as the team shops for a replacement. The PV connections to the batteries are almost complete. Once this is finished, the system will be fully operational and testing of the large, power-consuming systems can begin.

The final inspection on the plumbing/solar thermal systems called for minor modifications to the pump placements and for extending the drain tube on the pressure and relief valve from the water heater. This should be accomplished shortly.

The mounting of the building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) remain on hold while a suitable mechanical fastener is sought.

The screens are up on the study, and all of the rain screens have been placed, with the exception of one on the garage, which requires a removable mounting to provide access to the electric water heater cabinet.

The daylight reflecting panels are in place, the venetian blinds have been installed and final work has begun on the cabinets, fixtures, etc. Work continues on the bench that covers the batteries and the ramps leading to the building. Plants are also being placed in their respective locations, including the ponds on the north side.

Screens go up on groHome study.

Chowtime for Aggie decathletes.

More weilding.

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